MoShell Command (Troubleshooting)

Berikut Moshell Command yang biasa digunakan untuk troubleshooting RBS Ericsson

Site3G> lt all (load all)
Site3G> alt (cek alarm)
Site3G> lge
Site3G> lga 1d (alarm 1hari)
Site3G> lgo (perubahan database)
Site3G> lgn (perubahan database & user)
Site3G> cabx (cek RBS)
Site3G> invhl (cek inventory)
Site3G> cvls (cek activity RBS)
Site3G> cvms ….. (create CV)
Site3G> lst host
Site3G> lst carr
Site3G> lst iub
Site3G> get . antennasupervision (cek antena supervise)
Site3G> set . antennaSupervisionThreshold 80

cek TA/ TP (Timing Advance)
Site3G> pmx prach pmpropagationdelay -m 48 -a
Site3G> pmx . pmPrachPropagationDelay -m 48 -a ==> ngecek prach di base band 3G

Site3G> hget radio no –> cek traffic
Site3G> st ru –> cek status RU
Site3G> pmr –> cek RSSI
Site3G> hget sector long|lat –>cek longlat
Site3G> get node chann

Site3G> get . txmaxdl
Site3G> get . maxdl
Site3G> get . maxtot (cek maxTotalOutputPower)
Site3G> set . maxTotalOutputPower 80
Site3G> get . maxtot
Site3G> st plugin –> cek status RU/cari proxy brp yg mau direstart
Site3G> acl (proxy)80 (restart per modul)
Site3G> acc 80 manualrestart -> y ->2 (coldrestart) ->6 ->0

Site3G> st plug
Site3G> acl 189
Site3G> acc 189 restartAuxUnit (reset RU)
Site3G> y

cek konfigurasi DUW/RRU
Site3G> get . dbcc

restart RBS
Site3G> acc 0 manualrestart
Site3G> y
Site3G> 3
Site3G> 6
Site3G> 0
Site3G> lt all

restart restartAuxUnit
Site3G> acl (proxy)
Site3G> acc (proxy) restartAuxUnit -> y

Site3G> st plug
Site3G> acl 357
Site3G> acc 357 restartauxunit -> y


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