How Do You Know the Policy Files Really Behave as Sun Says They Do?

When you look at the history behind the JCE, it is easy to see why some people would be inclined to feel it is all a conspiracy by Sun, the U.S. government, the UN, the Illuminati, the Greys, or some other “organization” and that anything running under the JCE should not be trusted, as you cannot see the code that deals with key strength and various other control mechanisms that the policy files allow you to turn on or off. If this is a concern for you, remember, just as you would test a hardware cryptography adapter by comparing its outputs for given inputs against the outputs produced by an alternative implementation for the same set of outputs, you can also treat the JCE and the underlying provider as a black box and perform the same tests. As it happens the Bouncy Castle provider was first developed as a lightweight library for MIDP, so if you are feeling really enthused, you can start by verifying that the Bouncy Castle provider and the JCE is producing the same output as its lightweight equivalent. It is true that in matters like these you should not take what people tell you at face value, but always remember you can test and investigate the truth of other people’s claims yourself.

David Hook-Beginning Cryptography with Java-Wrox (2005)


Author: ridhobustami

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