Catch Indonesia From Malaysia by road and ferry

I want to write about sharing when my Russian friends have a plan to catch Indonesia from Russia. They have a plan not possible or didn’t want to use airplane. I’s so interesting, I made some little guidance about that. I hope this information will be useful if you wanna try

Hi , I’ve already got information, How you can go from malaysia to indonesia
1st plan
Melaka (Malaysia) – Dumai (riau/indonesia)
Use Indomal Ferry
Morning 8:00am – 9:00am
Departure time10: 00am (Malaysia Time)
it’s about 1 hour 45 minute
Price Single Way Ticket RM110.00 (ringgit malaysia)
2nd plan
port kelang (Malaysia) – Dumai (riau / indonesia)
2nd plan
port kelang (Malaysia) – Dumai (riau / indonesia)
Use Indomal Ferry
Morning Eight o’clock am – 9 o’clock am
Departure time1 0: 30am (Malaysia Time)
IT’s About 1 hour 45 minute
Single Way Ticket Price RM110.00 (Malaysia ringgit)
But I thing it’s better you go with 1st plan
I will inform later how you can go from Dumai (riau/indonesia) to jakarta or any city in indonesia
it’s excel document about the plan. if you have question or discussion, you can ask me freely

if you wanna go to bukittingi from Dumai port, There should be minibuses to meet the ferry in Dumai.
many english website inform about bukittingi like

I get the information it’s difficult if you wanna go directly from dumai to jakarta with bus.
actually you have to go to Pekanbaru first by Bus or by Travels (Shared Car Pool). it’s about 5 Hrs and the cost appx IDR 70,000/- per person by Travels and IDR 50,000/- per person by bus
after that you can go with bus to Jakarta

Pekanbaru – Jakarta price about Rp350.000 (non-ac Rp.270.000) 36 Hours & 1,329 km

if you want go to krakatau, you can get there from bukittingi or pekanbaru.
you just say before you buy a ticket bus, you want dropped at bakauheni port

bakauheni – dermaga canti
charter car/mobil/angkot about Rp.200.000 – 250.000 ( about 1hour)
if join with other people you can get cheaper

dermaga canti – pulau/island sembesi
Regular boats from Canti Port operate from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and cost Rp 15,000.
but if you wanna more faster you can rent the boat, the price about Rp 400,000 one way
you can stay at pulau/island sembesi if you want

pulau/island sembesi-anak krakatau
In Sabesi Island, you can contact some fishermen there who will hire their boat.

The price for the boat will be around Rp 300,000 for day time and Rp 600,000 for night time.
you can contact Akhyar, mobile:+6281369281861 if you want ask about boat

many other way if you wanna take but it’s little bit expensive but it’s more easier , for example
you can call Krakatoa Nirvana Resort (+62-727-322888, 322 900) who occasionally arrange trips to Krakatau.
The tour cost is Rp 3,500,000 for the whole boat, including lunch and a tour guide.
If you have ten people with you, it is better to get your trip from here
the other way you can join with tour like
many link about krakatau, you can search in google

or you can see in this link




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